Frequently Asked Questions

Does Popnsurf ™ Work on a Wireless Computer?

Popnsurf ™ is compatible with 98% of wireless cards out there. When you get to the desktop, go to the right bottom corner of the screen to find the wireless icon. Click on it to view the available networks and put in your WI-FI password, just like you would with “Windows”. Only after this step, you can proceed to open the Popnsurf™ icon which will bring up the Wizard.

If you use a wired connection, it will work right off the bat.

Will Popnsurf ™ Work with 3.0 USB ports?

It will. If you experience issues and to avoid any conflicts, we recommend to plug it into a standard 2.0 USB port instead.

Not Seeing the Google Shortcut on my Screen?

Hit F5 to refresh the screen to see the “Google” shortcut appear.


Can I Use Popnsurf ™ to Login into my Windows Computer without my Password?

Absolutely. You can use it to login into any Windows computer and you will not need the login password. You can then explore, view and copy data from it and save it to an external hard drive or thumb drive.

Is Popnsurf ™ Compatible with Windows 8 and 10?

It works 100% with your existing Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10.

Can I Watch YouTube or Access my Gmail?

You can do so. You can surf any website and watch any live streaming videos or pictures.

You can access any email and login into any account.

The only exception is Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. You can access these movie subscription websites normally from your Windows computer.

No need for privacy or protection there.

Who Else Could Use Popnsurf™?

Mainly anyone on the globe with a Windows computer, in need of protection and privacy while surfing the Internet. Also, parents that wish to protect their children (though supervision is a must), activists, environmentalists, journalists, military, law enforcement officers, etc.

People in need to access and recover their files due to errors, operating system not booting correctly, or because they forgot a password and need their files.

Ultimately, we all wish to be protected and feel secure while browsing the Internet. Malware and spyware can severely endanger our lives, bank accounts, and invade our privacy.

Features and Compatibility

What is the Password-less Feature?

Popnsurf™ will not help you recover your password. It will bypass it to give you access to your data.

Think of it like a password-less side entrance :). Once you are in, you can view, copy, and recover all of your files. Programs cannot be recovered, this is also true for any other data recovery software out there.

Programs can only be reinstalled by downloading these over the Internet or by possessing the set-up/installation CD.

Does it Work with Linux Operating Systems?

If you possess a Windows computer and run a Linux bistro, Popnsurf™ will absolutely work with that too. Popnsurf™ is Linux based and will load into any Windows computer, any brand and any manufacturer before any operating system starts.

Does it Work with Mac Computers?

We are still in the process of testing Popnsurf™ with Mac computers. It does work but we cannot guarantee it yet. We need more testing and more development.

This is why we do not state so on the product page or anywhere else on the website whatsoever.

What is the Storage Capacity of the Popnsurf™ Flash Drive?

The flash drive has a capacity of 4GB. In reality, you would only need about 2GB to run it.

We do not recommend using this flash drive as a storage unit, you could run into the risk of corrupting its system files and make it unusable.

We are also constantly changing our hardware, shape, size and color as we strive to use the latest and fastest technology.


How Does Popnsurf™ Work?

We have our own secrets of course, and a technical explanation might overwhelm the non-computer savvy person. However, here is an analogy that might satisfy your question:

Think of it like entering a virtual reality, you can go anywhere you wish (all over the Internet), but if you get hurt (viruses, spyware, hackers, etc.), it is not actually damaging your computer.

Because of its very virtual nature, it is invincible and unstoppable.

Does Popnsurf™ Update itself?

Popnsurf™ checks for updates when you run the wizard at the very beginning. Unless there is a major change in computers architecture, you shouldn’t get any incompatibility issues whatsoever.

If you expect to keep your existing computer for 10 years, it should serve you well.

Technology is exponentially growing and for as long as we are in business and we exist, we will always strive to keep up with the latest advances. We wish Popnsurf™ a long life or better, eternity.

We are hoping the world will pickup on this new way of thinking, making privacy, protection, and useful and easy features a staple one day.

What if I Need Support?

You can email us at or at or by filling out our contact form, Mon to Fri, business hours.

If you have any questions, concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to help you. Your satisfaction and feedback is very valuable to us.