About the Founder

The founder’s name is Marc. He comes from Southern Italy. He developed PC Tech skills over the course of 15 years while living on Long Island, NY. He opened a small computer repair company and took the path of entrepreneurship.

His background varies: Accounting; Italian Air Force and military aircraft rescue, firefighting operations; hospitality industry, filmmaking, acting, screenwriting and photography.

His passions include: His Family, technology, environmental, socioeconomic and political global issues, activism, art, philosophy, psychology, astrophysics, science, mathematics, organic agriculture, biology, chemistry and more.

He considers himself a fledgling inventor, and wants to research and develop the FUTURE to help humanity and the planet.

Why Popnsurf™ and How Did it Come About?

After working for years, first hand with computers, removing viruses & spyware, the founder realized that the approach to security has been founded on quicksand masquerading as concrete.

With the same approach, there will never be an ending to cybercrime. The virus makers create a new virus every day. The anti-virus industry catches on until too late. And this cat-and-mouse-game will loop indefinitely.

To solve this, he invented Popnsurf™, a small device that lets people all over the world browse the Internet safely, freely and privately.

No more viruses and spyware compromising your identity, data and your computer.

General Inquires

Long Island PC Tech, LLC,
www.Popnsurf.com | Popnsurf™
17 East Old Country Road, Unit B, #341,
Hicksville, NY, 11801.
Long Island PC Tech is incorporated with the State of New York, United States.

Legal Inquires

Long Island PC Tech, LLC
www.Popnsurf.com | Popnsurf™
c/o United States Corporation Agents, INC., 7014 13th Ave.,
Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY, 11228.
Public Record of Incorporation as seen on the official website: www.ny.gov.com (opens in a new window).