What is Popnsurf™?

It is an innovative flash drive that was created to defeat the virus, malware and spyware industry.

Pop it into your computer and surf all of the Internet as INVINCIBLE. No adware, hackers, viruses, spyware or any type of malware can attack your Windows computer.

You can visit any website, even infected ones, open suspicious emails, click on any link, and much more and you can do so with confidence.

Your Windows computer, programs, pictures, documents, music, videos, etc., won’t be affected at all.

You are invincible and nothing can touch you.


Pop it into your Windows Computer

Surf all of the Internet as invincible

Shut it down and return to Windows

Made for Windows

Popnsurf™ is made for all Windows computers, all brands, all editions: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, desktops, laptops and netbooks. The Popnsurf™ flash drive is also ultra-light and portable. For a limited time only, grab it now and get the lifetime license, no subscriptions.

No Online History Traces

Do you delete your Internet browsing history? Whether you do or not, every search and every website you visit gets recorded on your hard drive by default. With Popnsurf™ it does not take place at all. Why buy software to delete your footprints when you made none?


While using Popnsurf™, you can browse all of the Internet and any website fearlessly. Popnsurf™ envelops you in a virtual mode and makes you invulnerable to any type of attack. No viruses, trojans, adware, keyloggers, silent hackers can invade your system.

Are Viruses Stopping You?

Is your computer already infected with a virus or spyware that is corrupting your Internet browser? Is it terribly slow or you cannot access websites? Load Popnsurf™ and you will make use of your blazing, fast Internet and access any websites. Prevent this from ever happening to you. Grab it now >

The Virus Makers Are Sweating

Popnsurf™ is disrupting the trillion-dollar malware industry by empowering you and the world like never before. Keep yourself and your computer protected while surfing the Internet. Kiss goodbye to a slow, corrupted and infested web browsing experience.

Forgot Your Login Password?

You cannot access Windows because of a blue screen? Freezing or is Windows stuck? With Popnsurf™ you can temporarily view, access and copy your data including pictures, videos, documents, music and from any computer even without the login password or if Windows is inaccessible.

Who is Using this Innovative Popnsurf™ Flash Drive?

Proudly, this has started here in the United States of America but is also being used globally. Anyone with a Windows computer desires protection and privacy while surfing the Internet. Popnsurf™ multifunctional profile makes even more appealing, leaving nothing to be desired.

The Purpose of Malware

They are after your bank account, your credit card number, your social security number, browsing habits and your LIFE. They use your network to attack others and hide behind your computer. Approximately more than 22 million people are victimized as a result of viruses and spyware despite 95% of them use a standard antivirus or firewall software.

What About My Antivirus Software?

An antivirus can only protect you at best, it doesn’t make you invulnerable. It’s a shield while Popnsurf™ is a hologram.

Also, antiviruses will only protect you from what’s known already and what gets reported. As new viruses are created every day, your antivirus cannot possibly protect you every time. It’s a faint and poor effort.

Hackers: Something Out of a Movie?

If you think this is science fiction or just something out of a movie, think again.

Every ten seconds, a new computer gets victimized and most of you, do not even know it until it is too late. They do not care about you, they care about how much money they can make out of you, and the more people, the more profit.

Where Do I Get Popnsurf™?

You get it exclusively here. We made it affordable so that you have a fair chance to get it. Check out the full list of features at the product page.
Grab Popnsurf™ >

No Subscriptions

For a limited time only, grab it now and get a lifetime license, no subscriptions. Pay for Popnsurf™ one time only and it’s yours for life. Not only that, use it as many times as you wish, for personal or business use and on unlimited Windows computers!

Questions, Support?

Our customer service is available Mon to Fri. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us. Your satisfaction and your feedback is very valuable to us. Also, feel free to use our feedback tab on the right side of every page.

Popnsurf™ Mission

We wish to make Popnsurf™ available to everyone in the world. We want your safety and privacy while surfing the Internet. We also intend to evolve computers like never before.
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The days of Cat-and-Mouse-Games Are Over!

There is no need for expensive and non-efficient antivirus security software any longer.

The virus makers create a new virus every day and the anti-virus industry can’t keep up. It’s time for change.

You can truly protect your operating system, your important data and your identity like never before. Grab the future >

POPNSURF Cat-and-Mouse-Game-Twirl
POPNSURF™: World's First and Only Invincible Antivirus Flash Drive

Why Is the Popnsurf™ Flash Drive  So Unique?

Popnsurf ™ is the first invincible antivirus flash drive to bring a virtual-like operating system to the public. You can surf the Internet, browse any websites, videos, or photos with complete security and freedom.

This is a completely different approach from standard antivirus security software and privacy tools. It’s an isolated, virtual operating system instead; meanwhile, your browsing and activity is real.

Embrace safety and invincibility >